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You are the expert when it comes to your business. We want to listen to you, find out your aspirations and help you realise your goals.


An in-depth understanding of your business is the first step to developing a strategy for success.


Deliverable strategies with hands on help where you need it most.


You are the expert when it comes to your business. We want to listen to you, find out your aspirations and help you realise your goals.


KO Consulting provides strategic help in marketing and business development to help businesses improve and grow.

The first step is to listen to you, you are the expert when it comes to your business and where you want to take it.

Our approach is to work closely with clients at the outset of a project to ensure we have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives you want to achieve.  Strategy development takes into account the full range of marketing channels, the resources available and the existing strengths of organisation we’re working with.


An in-depth understanding of your business is the first step to developing a strategy for success.


KO Consulting is passionate to learn about your business. With over 15 years experience in the Professional Services Market we want to learn how your business can better succeed in this space.

KO Consulting has hands on experience in marketing and sales, underpinned by credentials from the Institute of Directors and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


Deliverable strategies with hands on help where you need it most.


KO Consulting delivers integrated Marketing and Business Development plans based on an in-depth understanding of your business. We also provide regular assistance in executing our plans. We specialise in providing regular hands on  help in the following areas:

  • Events
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Relationship Management
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Implementing Sales & Marketing Processes
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Market Research
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Leaders work on their business, not in it.

KO Consulting provides marketing and business development to companies looking to grow and evolve.

Business owners can be too busy meeting customer needs to dedicate enough time to focussed business development and marketing activities.  KO Consulting draws on a wealth of experience to provide integrated strategies that are realistic to implement within the context of your business.

Our clients may not have the budget available for a full time Marketing Manager or Sales Director, by using KO Consulting they have access to this level of expertise without the costs a full time hire would bring.  An important element to the way we work is finding ways that clients can implement plans without disrupting their day to day core business activity.

Kathleen O’Connor has 15 years experience in the Professional Services market.  That experience includes taking a new start up from zero to a £1.6m turnover and being an integral part of the board.

Kathleen is a proud ambassador of Forever Manchester, a community foundation that looks to support Greater Manchester, building on the skills and talents of local people and creating essential grassroots projects at the heart of the community.

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The Niche Recruitment Specialist

The recruitment specialists have a very targeted offering to to the legal sector, specifically the litigation market. Using my network  of contacts in this field and a strategic approach to get in front of the right people and offer my client’s services. I also work with my client’s current customer base providing account management and account development, ensuring that we are realising the full potential of every contact.

The Sales Training Company

The sales training company had an impressive turnover with a heavy reliance on a few lucrative clients. The directors identified that having all their eggs in one basket was a big risk and as such they needed to start planning, while things are going well, for when times may be more difficult. KO Consulting developed their digital marketing strategy and developed a strategy for year round marketing campaigns, using new ways to target their existing client base and network to increase turnover. The strategies put into place use the resources available without the need to hire a dedicated marketing manager all year round.

The Technology Specialists

The client had expertise that surpassed many of their competitors and over 10 years experience in their sector.  However  without a full time marketing manager they didn’t have the resources to develop clear, targeted marketing and sales plans.  Business Development was enthusiastic but not strategic.  KO Consulting were able to help across the whole marketing and business development area.  Working closely with the existing business development team we provided a clear strategy for account management and client development. KO Consulting also worked on marketing communications developing collateral that would more clearly communicate the benefits of their unique service offering.

The Creative Agency

I’ve worked with creative agency Holden & Sons to help their business move towards the next crucial stage of growth.  The directors had been working their socks off for two years building a solid client base for their services.  Their dream was to be the “number one agency in the north” and we needed to look at how we could move Holden & Sons towards that goal.  They already had some impressive clients, a great team of creative staff and a good service offering, as with many quality service providers their business had mainly grown through reputation and referrals.   They needed my help to to put in place some structure around their approach to developing the business further and taking it to the next stage.  We worked together to identify the brands they really wanted to work with and then develop a targeted approach to getting in front of those companies.  The strategy we developed was designed so that we could implement it together with my help initially and then by themselves once a tried and tested approach proved to be successful.

  • The Niche Recruitment Specialist

    KO Consulting has enabled us to grow our client base whilst refreshing our business development strategy. Kathleen is a pleasure to work with.

  • The Sales Training Company

    KO Consulting made a significant impact. By gaining a deep understanding of our business, she was able to dramatically increase enquiries which in turn has led directly to increased business.

  • The Technology Specialists

    KO Consulting provided invaluable assistance, dramatically improving our Marketing & Sales activities. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend KO Consulting to others looking for some commercial insight into their business.

  • The Creative Agency

    KO Consulting worked with a creative agency to help their business with the next stage of growth. We identified the brands the directors wanted to work with and a targeted approach to working with those brands.

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