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Branding and Events – A lesson from Mishcon de Reya

Most of my clients are in the professional services sector and I get a lot of invitations to networking breakfasts, seminars on law or accounting, dinners with lawyers and conferences aimed at this sector. It was a pleasant surprise when I was recently invited by law firm Mishcon de Reya to an evening with cocktails and a viewing of the Burberry winter collection at their flagship London store. I was excited for two reasons, firstly it looked like it would be a fabulous event, secondly the marketing geek in me gave a little cheer that there are at least some firms being smart when it comes to branding and events.

Here’s why it worked and some lessons you can take from it.

1. Brand Alliance.

Who you align yourself with affects how you are perceived. It’s a lesson we learn at an early age when we try and bask in the reflected glory of those with a particular status or kudos. By positioning themselves with Burberry, Mischons are aligned with a brand that represents British quality, craftsmanship and heritage, while also being cutting edge and up to date. Equally Burberry are presenting their products to the clients of a brand known for looking after high net worth individuals. It’s a perfect brand alliance.

2. Networking – it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

An event like this gives the organiser the perfect opportunity to network without it feeling forced or uncomfortable. I have no doubt that the attendance list will have been analysed before the event to identify the people that the organisers really want to talk to and develop strong relationships with. This is a great forum to do that in.

3. Details matter.

The invitation had everything I needed to know about the event and even had the facility to click and add it straight to my calendar. I am busy and anything that makes it easier for me to organise my life to attend an event helps. In addition, every click in the email will most likely be trackable so the marketing department can check the progress and success of their campaign from day one.

4. It made me feel special.

Holding an event that feels a little bit exclusive is a great way to make sure you get maximum attendance and will ensure the people invited associate your brand with feeling a little bit special and important. Feeling special and important are key motivators behind client loyalty, something that all law firms are keen to develop.

Next time you are planning an event or marketing campaign, instead of thinking about what you want your target market to know about your firm, think about how you want to make them feel as a client and what values you’d like them to associate with your brand. How will this alter your approach?



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