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Four tips for SME’s on using branding

Branding at as most basic level is about the impression people have of your organisation. As we all know, first impressions last. It’s why we wear clean shoes to an interview and influences why we choose one service provider over another.

Your branding not only applies to your website or your business card logo. A strong brand permeates through the whole business, from the look and feel of packaging to the attitude presented by members of your organisation.

So, where to start?

1.   Decide what your brand is. Are you fun, entrepreneurial, flexible? Or are you professional, traditional, reliable? If you aren’t clear in your mind what your brand is, your customers can’t be expected to work it out for you.

2.   Decide how you want to communicate your brand. You can then prioritise how to use your time and budget most effectively. Are you going to be attending lots of exhibitions? Do orders come through a website? Do you attend a lot of networking? All of these offer different opportunities to get your brand in front of your target market and need resources to do so.

3.   Start simple, get a decent logo. This doesn’t mean spending thousands on getting in a team of designers and consultants to design a logo. A decent graphic designer should be able to discuss your needs and come up with a few suggestions. The colour and style of your logo will influence the rest of your marketing communications so it’s important to get it right.

4.   Integrate your brand. This starts with letting your staff know and affects everything from office attire to your email signature. Your team are your most valuable asset and need to understand your brand in order to accurately reflect it in the way they work. For example, if your business relies on lots of client interaction you need to ensure your staff understand the image you want to project. Someone working at an entrepreneurial tech start up for example might have a very different phone manner to someone working in a law firm or accountancy practice.

At KO Consulting we can help you get the right message out to your target market. Get in touch if you’d like to find out how you can best use your time and resources to communicate with your customers.



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