How to create a sales opportunity from a crisis…a crisitunity!

You’ve spent the best part of a year carefully cultivating a relationship within an organisation. It took research, emails, calls, being passed around to different people and finally a meeting with the right person and a few opportunities are beginning to come through. Then you send an email through to get an automatic response saying that they no longer work there. Nightmare…..or is it? When a crisis happens I like to turn to the renowned philosopher Homer Simpson. Homer is well aware that a crisis can often provide an opportunity, or as he would say, it presents “a crisitunity”.

There are two avenues that you need to immediately address. Firstly you need to find out who has taken their place and how quickly can you make contact with the replacement. The replacement (if there is one) may not have any any idea who you are or what you’ve talked about with their predecessor. They may also have their own contacts from their last role that they want to bring in. So where is the opportunity here? Well, have you ever wished you could start over knowing what you know now? Here is a chance to do just that. Anything that you wish you had done differently in terms of pricing or service offering might be able to be changed this time round. Also, it’s very likely that the new person wants as much help as possible to create a good impression and be effective at their new role. It’s likely that you can help them do this if you have spent time getting to know the organisation.

Secondly you need to find out where your contact has gone. Ideally they will be on both LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s pretty likely that they will at a minimum be on LinkedIn. Then you can look them up and send them a direct message and see where their new job is. This is your chance to open the door to a totally new organisation, which is a fantastic opportunity.

You now have 2 different opportunities that have arisen from your initial opportunity. Yes it can be a pain and involve a bit more work but if you close both opportunities it’s well worth the additional effort.

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