A round up of the latest developments in marketing

I had a baby; so what have I missed? A round up of the latest developments in marketing.

I had a baby in October, which has been a challenging but wonderful experience. Obviously a lot has changed for me personally in the last 6 months but what about professionally? Will I be out of touch with new marketing methods or the latest social media platform? After consulting my network of marketing contacts, looking through the articles on LinkedIn and generally brushing up on what’s what, I discovered the following:

Getting visual with Snapchat

I’m not that out of touch to have failed to come across Snapchat before. Snapchat is a photo sharing app whose messages self-destruct after ten seconds. So far it has been mostly popular with younger people who consider Facebook to be something their sad uncool parents use (a group I now find myself in). I have not previously come across it’s use as a visual arm to media communications before though. That is until I caught up on Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s 5Live film review podcast. Recent editions of the podcast often refer listeners to view pictures alongside the audio commentary being delivered; providing a visual element to supplement what is being described. As the lines between the way we consume information continue to blur, we’ll be expecting more of the same this year.

Time to get personal?

Research consistently reveals that personalised marketing messages are much more effective than generic ones. So as the technology to include personalisation in marketing communications improves, 2015 is predicted to be the year when things get personal; whether it’s your bank account allocating money between your accounts as based on previous behaviour, marketing from online stores based on your previous purchases or advancements in Bluetooth technology so you receive marketing messages based on your location. The Minority Report isn’t too distant a reality.

Wearable technology

This is a trend that definitely seems set to stay. Despite the decision by google to stop making google glass, wearable technology is on a steep upward turn. And if we can have such devices on our person without looking like rejects from London Fashion Week, more the better. Some of the best wearable technology ideas I have heard about include headphones that automatically select music for your based on your mood and a wrist strap that monitors your sleep patterns and even allows you to take 45 minute power naps. As a new mum there are various baby related gadgets that I now find indispensible. Companies are already harnessing the data captured from users to better understand their market place. It can only be a matter of time before marketers find a way to embrace wearable tech in order to raise the awareness and loyalty to brands.

The continued rise of content marketing

Articles, news, blogging, infographs, video…all elements of the sweeping digital marketing trend we’ve seen over the past two years – content marketing. But amongst the sheer amount of content being served up and shared, businesses are going to have to step up their game in order to keep consumers engaged. Videos will have to get more captivating, articles more in depth and research more revealing. Get set for a sensory overload!

Whilst the fundamental principles of marketing will always stay the same, the methods to use in which to gain maximum impact are constantly evolving. It is important to keep on top of the latest developments and trends in marketing and constantly review what you are doing in order to ensure that results that are still being achieved. What may have been the best marketing activity for your business a couple of years ago may now be far less impactful; in today’s past paced world, the need to keep up to date has never been greater.

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