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I attended the Natwest Legal Marketing Conference in October and as you would expect there was a strong focus on digital marketing. There was an excellent turn out which is promising in a sector that can be reluctant to embrace the use of social media and to invest a great deal in digital marketing. In fact there was a fair amount of laughter in the room when a figure of 20% of turnover was suggested. I’m not sure the audience realised Dez Derry from MMA Digital wasn’t joking…

Dez delivered an excellent seminar and I’d like to share some of the insights that particularly resonated with me as something my clients in the professional services sector should be thinking about:

Lesson 1 – Mobile
There are 2 million people searching for legal services on line. Over half of that is on a mobile device. You need to make sure your site is mobile responsive. By that I don’t just mean the web page adjusts to fit on a mobile phone screen. There are more considerations to think about.
For example, your beautiful graphics that look lovely on the website could impact loading time on your phone. Slower loading can result in frustration and the user going elsewhere.
The neat and tidy social media buttons might be too small to see on a mobile screen.
The contact form might be easy to fill in when sitting at a desk, however the experience will be totally different when trying to fill it in using a mobile device.

Lesson 2 – Social Media
I was slightly gobsmacked when the room was asked if they were on LinkedIn and only about half raised their hands. I can’t believe that is an accurate reflection of the room and am putting it down to participation reluctance rather than an honest representation. Anyway, the main lesson is Social Media is here to stay so get involved! There are really smart ways of using the various platforms such as sponsored advertising on LinkedIn that can give you highly targeted opportunities to raise brand awareness for a fairly minimal cost. As it becomes more tricky , expensive and frankly confusing to win at google rankings, social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter offer alternative and effective marketing channels to complement your SEO efforts.

Lesson 3 – Website Content
This was my favourite take-away from the seminar: don’t let lawyers write your website copy. I don’t want to mis-quote Dez and get him in trouble, the comment was tongue in cheek (I think). However the point he was making was a good one about minimising copy and writing in clear understandable english. A full webpage packed with writing detailing your legal expertise and general brilliance turns people off your website. In general they want to find out about your firm in a quick and easy to digest fashion and then communicate with someone either through a phone call or an email.

There were plenty more nuggets to take away, but in the spirit of practicing what I preach I’m keeping this short and to the point. If you’d like to know more about using digital marketing effectively please get in touch or have a look at my blog on considerations for website design: http://www.ko-consulting.co.uk/website-design/



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