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Using twitter lists to cut the cr*p

I have just started using lists in twitter. It’s a feature that has been around for a while but I hadn’t really taken any notice of it beyond feeling a bit chuffed when I saw someone had added me to a list. Oooh, I’d think, i’m on their list, how exciting! Yes I know that sounds a little needy but I work from home a lot and any communication with the wider world is very exciting to me. I would then do precisely nothing to follow that up, which is clearly not the right approach. Anyway, now you can benefit from my mistakes and learn how I should have been using lists.

When I was added to a list the first thing I should have done is take a couple of minutes to look at who added me and if they are someone I would like to build a relationship with. If they are someone I’d like to be connected with I have the perfect opportunity to either tweet to them or if we are already following each other send them a direct message and perhaps even arrange to meet.  Contact made, relationship started and the opportunity for it to develop has been created. Finding good opportunities to develop relationships is a key component of successful business development and this is a great way to do that.

The other major benefit of lists is it helps organise what can seem like an endless stream of random babbling in your twitter feed. Here’s an example of a few of my public and private lists and what I use them for.

Forever Manchester
I am a proud ambassador for Forever Manchester, a charity that supports community projects across Greater Manchester. There are now 52 dedicated ambassadors, most of them are on twitter and Forever Manchester uses social media as a key part of their awareness raising and fund raising strategy. To ensure I keep abreast of all the exciting news and events created by all these lovely people I have added them to a list. That way I can spend a few minutes here and there during the day to engage and support my fellow ambassadors and the charity.

Litigation and eDisclosure
This list is fairly specific to a client of mine who works in this field. It helps me keep abreast of news and developments that will influence marketing strategy we’re putting together.

This is a list of people on my hit list for working with – I keep it private as I don’t really want people to know about my hit list until I’m ready. It’s a really good way of ensuring I don’t miss any opportunities to engage with them and develop our relationship further. Also they may tweet about opportunities that I know KO Consulting would be best placed to help with.

So now I’ve convinced you of the brilliance of lists you can follow this link to the twitter page that tells you how to set up and manage your own lists. Perhaps you should start with one called Marketing and Business Development and add KO Consulting to it.

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